The primary task is to eliminate or treat all possible causes. If there is no known cause, or if with the removal of the cause, the symptoms do not satisfactorily disappear, then there are only the symptoms of RSD/CRPS to be treated.  Before undertaking any skin treatment, whether it is a mole removal, birthmark removal, or expected case of RSD, it is important that you consult a trained medical professional.


Early diagnosis. If diagnosed early, the prognosis is very good.

Begin treatment of the underlying cause, if there is one. If not, then focus on the treatment of the CRPS process.

Effective sympathetic blocks by blocking nerve impulses with anaesthetic agents used in severe pain. Blocks may provide permanent or temporary relief. Sustained physical therapy to maintain flexibility, strength, and range of motion are recommended. No use of the limb can result in atrophy and eventually not being able to use the limb.

Progressive management techniques, if necessary for example, biofeedback to control pain and blood flow, pain management techniques, counseling, etc.


It is the task of the practitioner to give advice concerning the limits of the client’s endurance. The outcome of the treatment is not only in the hands of the doctor or physiotherapist but also in the hands of the client himself. Listening and following advice regarding the stress applied, in relation to the current stress tolerance, (of the affected extremity) becomes a problem that reoccurs in treatment. The client and the doctor can work together towards the common goal.

Too much or too little exercise of the arm or leg is not good. It often requires an adjustment of lifestyle and sensible handling of the burden of the affected arm or leg. Rehabilitation is appropriate and must be ongoing. One must make the circumstances for recovery as favorable as possible.

Due to the mysteries surrounding CRPS, problems can arise concerning the client’s disabilities, social functioning, employment, relationships, and the environment. These problems also need to be addressed.