These are the most frequently reported caused of RSD:

– Trauma (often minor)
– Soft-tissue injuries
– fractures heart disease (caused by inadequate blood supply)
– Spinal cord disorders
– Cerebral lesions
– Infections
– Surgery
– Repetitive motion disorder (RMD)
– carpal tunnel syndrome

In many cases, a definite cause of CRPS Type 1 (RSD) has never been found. It is not known why these factors cause CRPS but there are many hypotheses that are the subject of research around the world even today.

CRPS type two (causalgia) is defined by burning pain, allodynia, and onset usually occurs after nerve injury but it may be delayed. The most common nerves involved are the median, sciatic, ulnar, and tibial. The burning pain is constant and exacerbated by:

– light
– touch
– stress
– temperature
– movement of the limb
– emotional disturbance

Abnormalities in skin temperature and blood flow may occur as well as sudomotor dysfunction. Dystrophic changes may occur in the skin, hair or nails.