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Quality Commitment

Any products are strictly repeatedly tested and accepted,guarantee not to leave the factory if not qualified.

Technical Training 

After the operation and debugging of the equipment is normal, our company will provide customers with complete product technical data and corresponding technical training,and assist users to train equipment management and operation personnel, so that they can correctly use and maintain the equipment.  

Service Promise

Users must use and keep the equipment in strict accordance with the product operation manual. If the equipment fails to work properly due to problems caused by defective manufacturing or technology,the company will replace or repair the equipment for users free of charge.  Ensure to the site as soon as possible, and actively troubleshoot for customers.  

Customer Responsibility

Within the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged or unable to work properly due to improper use by the user, the paid service will be implemented according to the situation.  

After-sale Tracking

After the expiration of the warranty, our company still carries out tracking services for the products,

 and only charges the cost of materials and equipment commonly used consumables according to the company's ex-factory price and the import price of imported products to the customer.  

  • Contact person: Jason Sun

    Mobile No:13813437745(same as Wechat)

    Address:NO.8, Putuoshan Road, Economic-Technological Development Zone,Tinghu area, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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