CRKP (Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumonia) is a killer bacteria with no known cure or treatment. Much like the dangerous e. coli enterobacterium, this fast spreading contagion is being called the next Superbug.The Center for Disease Control has provided little guidance on how to avoid being infected.A particularly large CRKP outbreak has occurred in Los Angeles but the pathogen can now be found progress across the US. CRKP cases were originally discovers in the south east United States followed by some cases spread throughout the New England region.The disease has preyed mostly on weaker patients who were already hospitalized.The average age of CRKP victims that succumbed to its 40% death rate is above seventy.

The best minds in the medical and scientific community have not been able to develop a cure which has led to panic in some areas in particular elderly care centers and nursing homes. So far the pathogen has been resistant to all drugs or antibiotics. One antibiotic named Colistin has had mixed results in treating CRKP. It has been compared to the MRSA bacteria in terms of its treatment. Vancomycin has been effective in treating staff infections however the organisms are finding ways to resist its effects along with other carbapenums. A similiar result for CRKP and continued use of Colisin are feared.

Since CRKP can be spread through direct contact it is best to avoid touching those in high risk environments. Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumonia can also spread through the air or blood transfusion.All the CDC can do for now is to recommend keeping your hands clean while taking special care for cuts and scrapes on your body.